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Lollypop Kats letra

If your shit is hot, then it's hot
If it's an original flow, watch you blow
Keep it tighter than a knot, every show
If it's not, let it go, see the top is a heavy load
We need to step it up, step it up, ya'll cats, the truck up
It's Pearl, Pearl Handles... uh, uh

[Pearl Handle]
Let's step it up with intelligence, growth and development
We sufferin', some are reluctant to stop bustin'
Hate is the most expensive indulgence, the greatest need is common sense
Supreme math, teach us consciousness
Black and dominant, check your documents
Sports, Cablevision, Jackie Robinson to Iverson
Court system, can't go margin' the Cochran
Yes, shots spark in the roof top-ins
Foul apartments, niggas is starvin'
Water bugs and mouse droppings, opeds that once had name
Straighter halls, praise the Lords, stickers in every door
Footprint picture frames in every wall
Now the play is AK's and sawed-offs
Big pistols, nickel plated cronz hit you
Rippin' you tissues, amputatin' your arms
Hidin' warm symptoms, numbin' your system
Handicap parked in the wheelchair emblem

There's too much drinkin' and smokin', leads to fightin' and cursin'
Jeeps worth to see the tour Suburban
Even the body left the service, but what it takes
The early wake, for niggas to advance stakes, and best cake
More hate, leavin' bottles at wakes
We all a victim of this every day chase
Rhymes shaped, Riker's Island gates, Naisha one of the greats
I see it in my baby face, black face my way
Lettin' the aids to the presence of his day
Can crime pay? Paper cliche, saw the skies to L.A.
Up in cafe's, Holiday Inn's, the elegant
Pretend, she laid in the Benz, a honey with friends
Center of attraction, shorty playin' my direction
Feelin' these ears and these eyes, payin' attention
This goes for all the snitches, from New York to Sweden
Life is what you make it, said Esco, I rock an S.O.
Product of M.M.O., producin' the sick flow
Hittin' them up with dope blow, that terrorize your side show
And scream for more M.M.O.

[Chorus: Triggnomm]
These cats is lollypop, M.M.O. real hip hop
Killa one dart, blood on your block, we crime swap
Why your rhyme stop? High beam and lime squat
Give me light, of beatin' the mic, I give you insight

Aiyo, my eyes open, vision a million when I wrote this
Proceed caution, you take a toke and say it's potent
Just stay focused and keep your burners in a holster
These cats approach you, I make a menace of they culture
Writin' exact, generate, money in stacks, for the whole summer
I'm slumped in a bulletproof hummer
Federal serve, observe, up in the telly in a hot tub
We rock clubs, ya'll niggas better cop more Icebergs
Hit ice and chains, niggas that ain't ice in your Range
Where the pricey thing? I stop back and let your life hang
Up in the zone, press chrome against flesh and bones
I see ya'll niggas ain't ready, the more guns, the merry
Put rhymes, confetti style, turn fed the criminal
Hit your general, four times, spread him around

[Ill Knob]
Who be the thug criminal, hit you hard with the subliminal
Individual, Ill Knob, with the visual
Attack, where my niggas at? Watch your step, don't forget
We be rollin' deep like, beauty when she sleep through
Snow White with your seven dwarfs, slash, faggot ass, little maggot ass
Beat you down and drag your ass
What you talkin' bout, snitched on my man and took the walk about
Outline your sketch on the pavement, what's the talk about?
The murder rap, couldn't beat the case, cause you heard the rap
Chewin' on the telephone wires, at the Burger Shack
5-0 rush in the lab, paraphernalia down the toilet
Everything was good, 'til niggas spoiled it
The foul underhanded ways'll get your ass clapped
Ga Bow nigga, blaow nigga, where you runnin' now, nigga?

[Chorus 2X]

[Interlude: Triggnomm]
These cats is lollypop, lollypop cats
M.M.O., official, operation, all upon cooperation
Russ Prez on the track, never wiz-ack
Mac to your biz-ack, what nigga, lollypop cats
M.M.O. real hip hop, Klik Ga Bow cats, foul cats, A.T.L. cats

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